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Business Class Flights to Glasgow, United Kingdom

Scotland’s largest city by population, Glasgow is a major trade port and business hub. The city and its metro area have a population of more than 1.8 million people, making it one of the largest in the United Kingdom. Located on the Clyde River in the south-central part of Scotland, Glasgow’s history dates back to the 6th century CE. Because of its location on the river, in the early 18th century the city developed into an important international trade port, mainly handling goods from the New World, including the transportation of sugar, tobacco, and cotton. 


Today, Glasgow remains an important international economic center that attracts both business travelers and tourists from around the world. Flights to Glasgow arrive at one of three international airports that serve the city. The majority of flights to Glasgow arrive at the region’s largest airport, Glasgow International Airport (GLA), located about 10 miles west of the city center. Glasgow International Airport is the hub for the Scottish airline Loganair and serves more than 6.5 million passengers each year.


Some flights to Glasgow, Scotland, arrive at Glasgow Prestwick International Airport (PIK). This airport is located in the town of Ayrshire, about 30 miles south and west of Glasgow. Smaller than Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow Prestwick handles about 700,000 passengers a year. Some travelers find that it is easier to book cheap flights to Glasgow when flying to an alternative airport such as Glasgow Prestwick.


Some travelers who are destined for Glasgow choose to fly to Edinburgh International Airport (EDI), which is located about 34 miles from the city. Because Edinburgh International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Scotland, it is sometimes possible to get cheap flights to Glasgow, Scotland, by using this airport.


Business travelers who book flights to Glasgow work in a diverse set of industries. The city’s largest employers include companies in the shipping and logistics space, the financial industry, biotechnology, manufacturing, and higher education. Tourism is also a significant contributor to Glasgow’s economy.


Among the multinational companies that have offices in Glasgow are BAE Systems, Drambuie distillers, Barclays, and RHA Technologies.


In addition to being a major business center, Glasgow is also cultural hub. The city is known for its historic Victorian architecture, several world-class museums, theaters, live music, and festivals. Plenty of visitors from around the world travel to the city to dive into its rich, cultural influences. Among some of the most popular trips, the city sees frequent travel from Los Angeles (LAX) to Glasgow or Chicago (ORD) to Glasgow. 


Glasgow’s festivals are held year-round and attract thousands of visitors to the city. Among the annual festivals visitors book flights to Glasgow to attend are the Glasgow International Comedy Festival; the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art; the Glasgow International Jazz Festival; the Glasgow Fair; the Glasgow Film Festival; the West End Festival; the Merchant City Festival; and the World Pipe Band Championships.


The city is also known for its classical music and opera scene. The Royal Scottish National Orchestra; the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra; and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland are just a few of the organizations performing live classical music in Glasgow.


Several rock bands have also formed in Glasgow. Among the more wel- known bands from the city are Simple Minds; Glasvegas; and Twin Atlantic.


Glasgow is also a major center for higher education in the United Kingdom. The city is home to more than ten universities and more than 54,000 students. Many university students live in Glasgow’s West End, a neighborhood that has a trendy, young vibe and is full of nightclubs, coffee shops, cafes, and galleries.


Notable people who have lived in Glasgow include actor Robert Carlyle; rock guitarist Angus Young; author and historian Niall Ferguson; and actor Robbie Coltrane, who most famously played Hagrid in the Harry Potter film series.

Popular destination cities in the United Kingdom include Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Belfast, Bristol, Newcastle, and Cardiff.