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Business Class Flights to Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria, is a city rich in cultural significance, influential figures, and history, and it’s long been a must-see destination for international travelers. Those who have booked business-class flights are delighted to explore a city that celebrates its past as much as it looks forward to the future.


After Berlin, Vienna is the second-largest German-speaking city in the world. It’s also the capital and largest city in Austria, with a population of nearly two million residents. Since 2001, the entire city of Vienna has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, namely for artifacts, architecture, and other enduring fixtures from the Middle Ages, the Baroque period, and 19th-century “founders period.” These alone are reason enough for many travelers to book plane tickets to Vienna, but upon arrival, tourists find a culturally significant city that takes pride in setting trends and innovating, as it always has.


Flights to Vienna route through Vienna International Airport (VIE), the largest airport and the main hub for international traffic to and from the city. Each year, over 10 million travelers pass through the airport, many of whom are looking to explore Vienna. However, the international airport also serves nearby Bratislava, Slovakia, which is less than 80 km away from Vienna. 


One of the major attractions in Vienna is the historic Hofburg Palace, which was formerly the home of the Habsburg Dynasty. Originally constructed in the 13th century, Hofburg Palace served as the winter residence and seat of government for the Habsurg ruling family for over 600 years. Post-World War II, Hofburg Palace serves as the home of the Austrian president, as well as a seat of government for Austria. 


Tourists who book business-class or first-class flights to Vienna can tour the Hofburg Palace. Not a palace in the traditional sense, this opulent centerpiece of Vienna life is a collection of historical buildings, each offering histories and artifacts of court life, the royalty who lived there, and their beautiful display pieces. For those looking for a self-guided tour, a ticket to Hofburg Palace grants tourists access to three locations. 


The Sisi Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the life of Empress Elisabeth through over 300 exhibits and artifacts in her imperial apartment. Tourists can also see the Imperial Silver Collection, which showcases grand kitchenware and glassware, as well as other pieces that highlight the culture and richness of royal living. Lastly, visitors can marvel at a grand, marble staircase, which leads them to a tour of the 24-room Imperial Apartments. The Imperial Apartments let visitors learn more about Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth through a tour of their private rooms. 


Just a few blocks southeast of Hofburg Palace is the House of Music, which is where composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and more lived, worked, and composed their masterpieces. Many musicians hop on cheap flights to Vienna to visit this musical mecca, which offers education on the science of sound, as well as an interactive exhibit on the Vienna Philharmonic. 


Half a mile outside of Vienna city center, history buffs can find Museum Judenplatz, where travelers can learn about the rich, Jewish history of the city that dates back centuries. This museum, located in an old Jewish Ghetto, explores the life of Jewish residents, detailing medieval history through World War II. Beneath the museum is the Medieval Synagogue, which was formerly one of the largest synagogues in the world. Nearby, travelers can also visit the Holocaust Memorial.


One of the great benefits of hopping on a business-class flight to Vienna is the ability to submerge into another culture and explore its food. Naschmarkt is an expansive, open-air market filled with hundreds of vendors. Travelers can find everything from small shops and eateries to delicious street vendors offering samples and tastes of all kinds of Viennese foods and cuisines. From wiener schnitzel to borscht and apple strudel, hungry travelers will find plenty to offer at Naschmarkt.


After grabbing a bite, tourists who have booked flights to Vienna can prepare themselves for several more days of adventure, exploring Vienna’s lovely opera, museums, and other palaces that transform the landscape into a gorgeous celebration of culture, art, and life.